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Three Wishes

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What Liane says

I’ve always had a strange obsession with twins and triplets. Whenever I meet a twin I interrogate them with inane, unanswerable questions (eg. “But what’s it like being you?”) I am also the eldest of five girls, and consider myself a leading expert on the subject of sisters. So it wasn’t all that surprising when my first novel turned out to be a story about triplet sisters.

It begins with a dramatic, public argument between the three sisters in a restaurant and goes on to describe a year in their lives when their worlds are turned upside down. I had a lot of fun writing this novel, and I was so excited and exhilarated to finally be writing every day, after all my years of procrastinating.

What the reviewers said

“Quirky and lovable” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“”Written with wisdom, humour and sincerity” BOOKLIST

“I adored THREE WISHES…fresh, very funny and entertaining…also intelligent and unsentimental about family dynamics “ MARIAN KEYES

“Funny, wry, touching…the drama is raw and real. Each of the beautifully drawn characters is so vividly alive…” AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S WEEKLY (Book of the Month)

“In this non-stop narrative, siblings rival each other, break up and make up. Moriarty is good at social observation, mixing high drama with low comedy and moments of genuine poignancy” THE SUNDAY AGE